Tony Rorie

ADR- Advisory Board Member

Tony Rorie is founder of The Men of Honor & Ladies of Honor, a global character education group that exists to make passionate followers of Christ by mentoring and training youth ages 11-17 in principles of chivalry, honor, moral excellence, and courageous leadership using a two pronged strategy of camps and weekly curriculum-based meetings that meet on public school campuses, churches, and recreation centers. 


Tony began the Men & Ladies of Honor while working as a Principal of a public school with over 1,000 students in the inner city of Dallas, TX. The Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor programs make a huge difference in the lives of young people. The program has reduced disciplinary incident rates 42% overall on campuses, 80% for those in the program. Hundreds of young people have been saved and discipled through the program and several churches and schools have adopted the curriculum as a tool for mentoring and discipling young men and women and the ministry has impacted multiple locations across the U.S. and 14 countries around the world.


Tony has also served as a Quality Engineer for a global contract manufacturer and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Process consultant.


He is a veteran Youth Pastor and Evangelist with a passion for turning the hearts of the Fathers (Pastors, Leaders, Businessmen, and Community Leaders) to the children and the hearts of the children to the Fathers.  

Tony is an ordained minister of the Gospel and has a BBA from Letourneau University. He is one of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole’s spiritual sons and is commissioned a minister to men through Christian Men’s Network “Majoring in Men ™ Curriculum. 


Tony is the author of 12 books:

"Raise Sons: God’s Strategy for Reaching the Next Generation”

“The Quest: Becoming a Man of Honor”.

“Passing the Torch”A 13-week Study into Biblical Manhood for Fathers & Sons.

“101 Ways to Honor a Woman”

“The Men of Honor” – Complete Program Leader’s Guide

“The Ladies of Honor” – Complete Program Leader’s Guide

“The Men of Honor Magazine Curriculum Volumes 1-3”

“The Ladies of Honor Magazine Curriculum Volumes 1-3”


He has been a special guest on several International Television and radio programs, and internet podcasts. 

Tony has also been chosen as the Boys Clubs and Girls Club of America as “Featured National Alumni” in Fall 2006.


The Men of Honor camps are a life-changing experience for young people. Many of the youth are saved and set on a journey towards Christ-like manhood as a result of their encounter with the God at the camps. They are then taken through a two year proven discipleship that helps them become stronger disciples of Christ, Spouses, Parents, Leaders, and Citizens.


Tony has been married for thirty three years. He has four children; Alexis, Lauren, Daniel and Rachel. His wife and children are involved in the work of the ministry alongside him.

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